East Tennessee State University Engineering Technology, Surveying & Digital Media

Italy Tour—2013


The opportunity of studying in Rome was a great experience. It allowed me to interact with people of an entirely different culture and see how Italians see the world. One of my favorite things during my stay is enjoying Italian food.  This trip focused on about Roman architecture and history.  We visited museums, historical sites, and cities in order to enhance our understanding of Italian history. The entire class was incredible.

There is a nostalgic feeling when someone stands in a place that has been there for so long; is like the place can talk to you.  We learned about many styles of architecture.  My favorite was the classical and baroque style.  We also had the opportunity of discussing different periods like the renaissance, why this period was important, and its relevant figures.  I think that this was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life and with the guidance and help that the students receive I would encourage all students to take advantage of this opportunity.