East Tennessee State University Engineering Technology, Surveying & Digital Media

Big Changes in Interior Design


It has been a busy summer in the program! All new furniture installed in the studio. The sophomores built the large desks last fall when we they learned about mass production. Ergotron (www.ergotron.com) donated the handicapped accessible large table. It is fully adjustable from standard seating height to standing height. Our new small group meeting area use Steelcase Node chairs.

New technology has been implemented throughout the room. Ergotron donated a collaboration cart that makes it possible to involve professionals from around the world to work and discuss ideas with students. Equipment for the cart (computer, web camera, 60” LED monitor) has been donated by Denso Corp. (www.densocorp-na.com) and should arrive any day. Finally, all new computers with large monitors!

Curriculum changes have been approved at the university level and await TBR approval. Those changes are scheduled take affect Fall 2014. One of the changes that we are most excited about is an emphasis on medical design. Two studios will focus on students learning how to design medical facilities. Great progress is being made towards CIDA Accreditation with a tentative site visit in the 2016-2017 school year.

The biggest change this fall is the new faculty member Dr. Krsiti Julian. Dr. Julian brings a wealth of experience in medical design, facilities management, and is certified (EDAC) in evidenced based design. Welcome Dr. Julian!